ROK Coffee Grinder GC

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Re-engineered for greater precision. Perfect pairing with our Espresso Machine.... or any other maker. Bamboo cup included. 

The ROK Coffee Grinder GC has been enhanced to produce even more consistent particle size, with even greater control - teasing out the very best from your whole bean. Simply add fresh coffee beans before hand winding the high precision mechanism to produce grounds suitable for all types of makers.

You’ll feel the beans being precisely cut into remarkably consistent grounds. It’s timeless engineering, executed with modern precision, that eliminates wobble and produces grounds as consistent as the most expensive electric grinders. What’s different is the hands-on feeling of the grind.


It should come as no surprise that the ROK Grinder is a great companion to the ROK Espresso Maker, but it’s also the perfect partner for any coffee maker that uses freshly ground coffee. Whatever coffee maker you have, there’s a setting that will be right for you.

Just like the ROK Espresso Maker, the new ROK Coffee Grinder provides you with more than just great results. It’s the visceral experience and involvement in the process that gives as much satisfaction as the enjoyment of the coffee itself.

We also sell the Top Shed Grinder cover for the ROK Grinder to keep the beans in place and reduce static. 

Click to download ROK coffee grinder instructions (PDF)


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