About Us

The Journey

The journey began when Greg and Alison Cromwell discovered the award winning ROK Espresso Maker designed by Patrick Hunt in London, England. Patrick created a manual home Espresso Maker requiring no electricity, instead powered by people. Environmentally friendly and easy to use, it was love at first espresso.

Espresso Unplugged was birthed in 2004 when Greg and Alison brought their first shipment of ROK Espresso Makers into Australia. Espresso Unplugged is located in the Byron Bay Hinterland on Greg and Alison’s small family farm where they combine entrepreneurial skills with farming and coffee.

Greg, born and raised Canadian, gave the couple a desire to make the morning ritual of a beautiful espresso a possibility for their Canadian folk. The success in Australia meant Espresso Unplugged could expand distribution to Canada. It was originally distributed from near the couples private Airbnb cabin at Porter Lake in Northern Ontario.

Word spread globally about the revolutionary ROK Espresso Machine. Hot and steamy perfect crema with the ROK is silently impressive.  It’s compact size; no power needed, is ideal for camping, cabin life or everyday use in the home and office. It made perfect sense for Espresso Unplugged to fill demand and expand distribution to not only Canada but also the USA and New Zealand.

Greg and Alison from @Espresso Unplugged thank you for supporting their people powered journey. Feel the coffee.